Report on 3411 - Animal Care Technician (Animal Behavior Technician)

3411 - Animal Care Technician (Animal Behavior Technician)


This position, with rotating days (PACC is open 7 days a week) and shifts (6:00 am to 2:00 pm; 11:00 am to 7:00 pm; 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm), is in the Pima Animal Care Center. OPEN UNTIL FILLED. 

Salary Grade: 27


Performs humane care and treatment of the animals maintained in the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC), provides adoption assistance to the public, and maintains the sanitary condition of the PACC. Pima Animal Care Center is the open admissions animal shelter for Tucson and Pima County, taking in around 20,000 pets each year and providing a full range of animal services covering a 9,000 square mile area. Hours are non-traditional and may include weekends, evenings and early mornings.

Preference given to current Pima County employees.

(Work assignments vary and will be communicated to the applicant or incumbent by the supervisor.)
LEVEL I: (Typical work functions expected of Animal Care Technician designated as Level I)
Checks incoming animals for obvious health problems and injuries;
Ensures the humane treatment of all animals in the PACC;
Ensures the accuracy and completeness of documentation concerning incoming animals;
Identifies types of breeds and conditions upon receipt to the PACC;
Vaccinates healthy animals and assists in administering medication to sick animals as prescribed and directed by a veterinarian;
Monitors animal behavior and eating patterns;
Cleans and sanitizes cages, kennels, floors, walls, windows, equipment, and treatment areas to maintain the sanitary conditions of the PACC;
Assists the public with booking-in, redemption, and selecting suitable animals for adoption;
Answers questions and provides information to the public on PACC policies, procedures, and relevant laws and ordinances;
Assists in performing euthanasia of animals, including following safety protocols for use and maintenance of DEA Schedule II drugs;
Reviews and sorts documents, creates new records and inputs and retrieves information using automated systems;
Prepares and updates files, logs, status records, and other documentation to reflect the current status of a process and performs required purges;
Documents information regarding potential or identified owners, interested parties, rescue arrangements and other information on kennel cards and established detailed records of euthanasia and dead-on-arrival cases;
Assists in maintaining accountability of scheduled drugs;
Receives and safeguards funds for PACC services.    
LEVEL II: (Typical work functions expected of Animal Care Technician designated as Level II)
All duties and responsibilities identified in Level I;
Assesses newly acquired animals for suitability for adoption;
Administers necessary treatment in accordance with directions received from veterinarian;
Administers medications to sick animals as prescribed and directed by a veterinarian;
Performs animal triage and treatment;
Performs daily health checks on impounded animals;
Performs euthanasia of animals;
Documents pertinent animal health data;
Prepares and processes euthanized, potentially rabid animals for laboratory analysis;
Collects and disposes of dead animals according to shelter procedure and health codes;
Releases designated rescue or special needs animals to appropriate rescue groups or private individuals and records transfer of animals into databases and completes documentation;
Prepares and disseminates animal availability information to interested agencies and individuals;
Maintains and documents communications with rescue entities, other agencies and individuals regarding availability of animals;
Trains Level I employees on Level I tasks;
May serve as Lead Animal Care Technician in the absence of a supervisor.
Level III: (Typical work functions expected of Animal Care Technician designated as Level III)
All duties and responsibilities identified in Level I and II;
Assists the veterinarian in clinical medical procedures such as surgical assistant, surgical anesthesiologist, surgical preparation of patients/animals and equipment, pre and post operation patient/animal care;
Operates anesthesia equipment and performs anesthesia on various species and breeds of animals;
Maintains accountability of DEA controlled pharmaceuticals;
Applies bandages and/or places splints on injured animals;
Receives and safeguards funds for medical procedures;
Trains Level I and II employees on Level I and II tasks.
Knowledge of:

  • animal breeds, temperaments, and common health problems;
  • animal care procedures for assessing and treating sick or injured animals;
  • animal shelter/kennel cleaning and maintenance practices and procedures;
  • automated record keeping and report preparation;
  • animal shelter procedure and practices;
  • veterinarian technician animal handling and medical procedures and practices;
  • medical testing techniques and use of radiographic equipment;
  • techniques of customer service involving stressful situations. 
  • identifying and treating common animal illnesses and injuries; 
  • following established procedures and documenting work activity;
  • performing routine facility and equipment cleaning and maintenance work;             
  • humane handling and caring for live animals;                                           
  • communicating effectively with the public;
  • use of automated information system for tracking data and report generation;
  • performing euthanasia procedure according to shelter policy and relevant codes;
  • safely handling and disposing of dead animals.  
Experience Requirements: 
Not requirements
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