Report on Epic Interface Analyst II

Epic Interface Analyst II

Please answer the following questions. Completion of the following supplemental questions is REQUIRED for your application and is an integral part of the evaluation process. Initially, it will be used to determine minimum qualifications. For those applicants meeting the employment standards, this information will be critical in the subsequent competitive assessment to identify those candidates to be invited to continue in the examination process. Your responses to the questions may also be reviewed and scored in a Competitive Rating evaluation process based on pre-determined rating criteria. Your answers should be as complete as possible, as no additional information will be accepted from applicants once the Competitive Rating evaluation has begun. Please include the name of employer, job title, dates of employment and number of hours worked per week for questions asking about your experience. A response of "see resume" or "see application" will deem your application incomplete. Vague, incomplete or non-responsive answers could result in no or low scores in a competitive rating process. Do you understand this requirement?
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