Report on Hydraulic Mechanic

Hydraulic Mechanic

Are you someone who is mechanically inclined, understands hydraulics, and enjoys the honesty, hard work, and successes of agriculture? Did you know countries like Japan and China rely on the U.S. to supply alfalfa and forage for dairy cows to produce high-quality milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream to feed and nourish their families? Are you someone looking for a non-seasonal, full-time position where your mechanical and hydraulic aptitude essentially helps to feed people around the world while simultaneously helping you to help yourself and take care of your family? Do you love the agriculture way of life?

The Gombos Company is a well-known, family-owned hay exporter with processing facilities in California and Washington State. We continue to grow in our industry while supplying hay for dairy and beef cows in Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Middle East countries. With over 40 years of industry leadership and global name recognition, we enjoy long-term competitive advantage allowing us to achieve the highest standard of quality control, integrity, and success.

Here’s How It Works!

We purchase thousands of tons of baled alfalfa hay from growers all over the western U.S. The hay bales are delivered on trucks to our export processing facilities where they are graded, quality tested, and stored. When orders are received from overseas customers, the bales are moved to a production barn where they are double compressed (this is where you come in) and loaded into seagoing containers. The loaded containers are then driven to the seaport and loaded onto a ship for export. After a long voyage overseas, the customers deliver the bales to their end-user farms so they can feed their cows.

Here’s What You Will Do!

As a Hydraulic Mechanic for The Gombos Company, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing a variety of hay compressing and packaging machinery and related equipment. You must have basic knowledge of hydraulic manifolds; good aptitude and working knowledge of piston/vain pumps and motors; and strong work ethic and a responsible attitude.

Responsibilities include:

• Troubleshoot valves (directional, pressure control, cartage, relief, and hydraulic)
• Repack cylinders upwards of 4-6” diameter
• Administer preventive maintenance program to avoid lost production time
• Follow all safety and environmental rules and policies
• Communicate with other team members
• Participate in ongoing plant and safety training

Here’s What You Will Bring to the Table!

• 3-5 years of mechanical and hydraulic experience
• Understanding of all facets of hydraulics upwards of 5,000 psi.
• Hard work ethic, integrity, and responsible attitude
• Communication and interpersonal skills to work as a team
• Verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to follow safety protocols
• Reliable transportation
• Own tools a plus but not required

Here’s What We Will Bring to the Table!

If you are ready for the fast-paced, exciting world of alfalfa exports, we’re ready for you to jump-in and join our team. We offer full-time, year-round employment with medical and dental benefits. Starting pay is $28 per hour. Day shift with ability to work flexible hours including weekends and Sundays as needed is a must.

How Do You Apply?

You may submit your resume and pertinent contact information by email to. Feel free to include any questions you may have.

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