Report on Laboratory Technicians For A Diagnostic Nanosensor Startup

Laboratory Technicians For A Diagnostic Nanosensor Startup

Our company is still in “startup mode” but that is changing rapidly. We are an essential business developing a portable sub-60 second COVID-19 diagnostic test. Our technology is founded upon years of research and development (primarily at UC), and our commercialization is approaching an inflection point. We work in a lab designed to empower experimentation and foster innovation, and our collective expertise spans a wide array of scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, genetics and engineering, among others.

Currently we are a small group of 4-5 on-site scientists (more are involved in the company), and we need higher throughput / testing of our technology. We are therefore looking for some highly-skilled full-time technicians. We will train you regarding the specific tasks/work, but you NEED to have some “chops at the bench.”

If you are friendly, enthusiastic, capable of committing some effort to see if this is a good fit, and want to be part of a Berkeley-based startup that will change how diseases are detected and diagnosed far into the future (yes, including COVID-19) – then please send us a resume/CV and some information about you. There is a possibility of a minimal compensation package, however, in the near term, our preference is to offer the reward of a possible extraordinary upside if you demonstrate your capabilities and wish to remain with the company in 2021. We have a strong preference for full-time commitment, but are open to discussing other possibilities.

We are seeking ~two lab technicians to join our small lab team in Berkeley, CA. The position is ideal for recent college graduates who want to gain additional experience at a working lab / startup environment. Perhaps you are a recent MCB graduate, or a chemical engineer looking for something slightly different? We can/will train personnel, but it is essential to have significant wet lab experience.

• Perform analytical and clinical testing (BSL1 and BSL2) with nanosensors
• Prepare buffers, analytical reagents, and dilutions
• Maintain accurate, electronic experimental records
• Run R&D / validation tests on experimental and pre-clinical samples
• Provide daily summary of results / findings to other team members
• Acquire new skills and integrate new technologies

• Wet lab experience required: exceptional pipetting skills, experience with ELISAs or other [related] biochemical assays
• Experience with biomolecules such as nucleic acids, antibodies, AND proteins
• Knowledge of proper and safe handling and manipulation of such molecules
• Confidently able to quickly calculate concentrations, moles and dilutions
• Strong attention to detail and excellent analytical skills
• Enjoys staying organized, and is NOT AFRAID to ask questions
• Does not mind repeating experiments to demonstrate assay proficiency / consistency
• Comfortable taking notes, writing reports, and performing laboratory-related arithmetic

We maintain a pleasant lab environment with friendly people working in an open and collaborative space. Though scientifically rigorous, we strive for an easy-going atmosphere. We are centrally located (in Berkeley) with easy access – yet, we are slightly off the beaten path. We are an equal opportunity employer – your contributions are what matter.

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