Report on Manager, Guest Services - ARRC Employees Only (Alaska Railroad)

Manager, Guest Services - ARRC Employees Only (Alaska Railroad)

Serves as the ARRC liaison to pull contractors for pull cars and Cruise Trains.   Coordinates scheduling and overall logistics for those services.  Manages all interfaces with new and existing customer’s chartering the Cruise Train annually, along with existing customers.  Communicates with other internal departments on the needs and challenges of our cruise train and pull customers.   Develops all service based contracts between customers and ARRC, where applicable.  Communicates and coordinates with all contractors that support ARRC Cruise Train chartered operations (facilities, food and beverage/janitorial services, waste management)

Works with the Director, Strategic Market Initiatives and Guest Services to develop Request for Proposal for on-board catering and janitorial services, evaluates responses to the RFP and participates in contract negotiations.  Plans and coordinates the catering and janitorial quality control program designed to ensure continuous service consistent within established standards. Administers quality control objectives complementary to corporate policies and goals. Creates and implements inspection criteria and procedures.  Communicates quality control philosophy to key personnel in organization.  Develops tools in conjunction with Manager, Onboard Services to provide quality control and quality assurance to ensure ARRC guests receive a consistent, high quality experience while using all ARRC services.

Works closely with the Director, Strategic Market Initiatives and Guest Services regarding the delivery of on-board services and passenger operations. Responsible for all aspects of ARRC charter operations, including food and beverage, janitorial, mechanical, and transportation coordination. Acts as liaison between Guest Services and Mechanical Departments to improve efficiency in the repair of items essential to quality customer service.  Provides input on new products based on feedback from vendors and customers. Based on customer satisfaction data, collaborates with staff members to correct noted deficiencies in service and performance.

Works closely with the Mechanical and Transportation departments to plan summer operations and charters.  Plans summer schedules, logistics and overall coordination of the summer passenger season.   Manages charter trains.   Responsible for coordination with customer and caterers.  Manages all logistical functions of charters including coordination with the Mechanical and Transportation Departments.  Develops planning tools to assist all internal departments, contractors, and customers interactions with passenger divisions.

Assists the Director, Strategic Market Initiatives and Guest Services in the planning and execution of ARRC’s incident management team training and drills.   Additionally, this position plays a key role in the Alaska Railroad ICS during passenger incidents and emergencies and unusual operations.  Acts as point of contract for ARRC Family Assistance contractor.  Provides refresher training to applicable ARRC employees on annual basis, along with scheduling drills to test contractor support, when needed.

Supervises Manager, On-Board Services, and other subordinate staff, including participants in the Tour Guide Program.  Provides overall supervisory support by counseling, coaching and directing activities of staff.  Is responsible for hiring, training, disciplining and termination of staff as may be required.

Develops and delivers quality control training programs for Guest Services staff, ESS front line positions, and other key personnel in conjunction with the managers for contract services.  Responsible for administering Passenger Train Emergency Preparedness training to all employees and contractors that are required to have by federal regulation or ARRC policy.

Act as ARRC point-of-contact for all USFS Whistle Stop related duties.  Works with ARRC accounting and USFS to complete annual Cost Share Agreement.  Works with all internal stakeholders and USFS to complete updates to annual operating agreement and medium/long range planning efforts for business line.

May be required to participate in Incident Command exercises and activities.

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