Report on Real Estate Acquisition Sales Rep

Real Estate Acquisition Sales Rep

Searching for a sales person for our real estate investment company.

We are looking for someone to come and join our hard working company in the real estate industry (we buy houses). If you are a GREAT salesperson you can earn $50,000+ with us, and if you are a STAR salesperson, you can earn well over $100,000. You do not need to have real estate sales experience or be licensed. What will allow you the chance to get this job will be your enthusiastic resourcefulness and motivation to succeed.

This position will involve speaking on the phone and meeting with sellers at their homes. We will provide all of the marketing, all of the pre-vetted leads, and set you up on the appointment. You will go on the appointment and speak with the sellers. You won't be required to work out of an office and can basically set your own schedule. This is a flexible position that has the ability to produce a large income for you. The better salesman you are, the higher your paycheck will be each month.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Manage leads in our company's database.
2. Meet with distressed sellers that want to sell their house fast for cash.
3. Build rapport with the seller, overcome objections and get the contract signed.
4. Must be able to follow company's closing sequence.
5. Must be able to manage leads and follow up with prospects.
6. Must be motivated to bring in outside business.
7. Must be a team player.

Here's what the ideal candidate would look like:

This person is teachable and always trying to improve themselves by reading books, watching videos, reading blogs or whatever means possible. A fast starter and able to use their people skills and talents to build a lasting career. Can follow instructions and is detail orientated.

More about the opportunity and company:

We have a heavy marketing budget for our team which means we provide quality leads for you. We also have a great back office CRM (database) system that will allow you to work remotely.

We work with real estate agents, other professionals and directly with homeowners to provide us with below market value houses. We close fast, buy "as is", have an amazing reputation and can buy an unlimited amount of properties if they fit our criteria. Your job will be to help the company acquire properties from these lead sources by calling them and meeting with them face-to-face. You do NOT need to have a real estate license.


This is a 100% commission + bonuses with quality leads provided for you for FREE. Your average commission per deal will be $1000-$2000, sometimes much larger.

This is an opportunity to take your talents and contribute in a big way. You will make great money and learn in the process. We love to see, and are sincerely committed to, the success of our sales reps.


Include your Resume along with any formal sales training you have had in the past.

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