Report on Sell Crypto Visa Cards

Sell Crypto Visa Cards

Introducing “Crypto-VISA”. This is the Service You'll Be Selling! You can work virtual from any city/state.

Crypto-VISA allows users to spend their cryptocurrency at the point of sale anywhere VISA is accepted, globally.

It’s incredible and totally revolutionizes the crypto industry as most people have to wait sometimes days to convert their crypto!

Crypto-lovers around the globe love this idea as interest in alternative trade currency is exploding given the uncertainty of the dollar’s future.

Who wouldn’t love to pay for their next coffee with a VISA connected to their crypto wallet and pay with Bitcoin? or have their Ethereum instantly and automatically converted to cash?

Times are changing and so is our money system - this is happening, whether we like it or not. The old ways are dying and there is a crypto revolution going on!

This form of payment attracts rebels of convention and those afraid of more government control. Venezuelans, Cubans, and other citizens of oppressed countries are warning Americans to put their money into cryptocurrencies before our dollar crashes.

Within less than 12-months, Venezuelans experienced a 370% increase in the price of a cup of coffee and something as basic as toilet paper became unaffordable.

It’s happening!. You see the signs at supermarkets and other stores across the nation - “no cash payments”.


Part of your job will be educating people on the difference between centralized digital money (which the government is pushing) versus decentralized cryptocurrency (which is freedom from central banks) -

You can go solicit merchants door-to-door to promote that they are now accepting this new “crypto-VISA” with a sign at their registers. You would be setting up the merchant with the ability to set up their customers to obtain the card.

You can also promote this through social media and target end users directly, which is very effective right now with all the conversations taking place in consequence of the state of the world.

We will discuss these options and more in further detail when we speak.

We will teach you the entire selling process and equip you to answer the questions you can expect from prospects.


You're earning Upfront Commissions and Residual Income.

When the customer signs up for the service, you get paid, and then every time your customers swipe their crypto-VISA you can get paid a percentage of transaction fees. Can you imagine collecting part of the transaction fees on the global sales of hundreds and thousands of people?!

THERE'S ZERO COMPETITION for this right now as this is a brand new relationship between a popular crypto wallet and VISA.

We will provide you with news articles showing how merchants who accept cryptocurrency are increasing sales as the demand for alternative currency trade increases. We will also direct you to high converting social media images, memes, and copy.

Once you see the 5 minute introductory video (the same video you're going to show your prospects) you'll understand why it's such a game changer and why your prospects simply can’t refuse.

Get this: Your earnings potential is up to you! We’ve seen people get started and make $10,000 in their first couple of weeks and grow into 6 and even 7 figures. We’ve seen others supplement their family income while times are tough with COVID lock-downs. Being able to work from home is a big bonus!

You’ve got to be self-motivated to take advantage of this special opportunity.

You are at the right place at the right time for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help people transition from a failing paper currency to a revolutionary currency that’s taking the world by storm!

See what Robert Kiyosaki and other high profile investors are saying about cryptocurrency.

“FED is Ded... Got gold, silver, bitcoin? “”Accept whatever comes to you woven in the tapestry of your destiny.”” ~Marcus Aurelius”

~Robert Kiyosaki

And if you think about it, it's not like you're pitching a product that people don’t already use! Everyone uses a debit card. And these sleek cards stand out so when all their friends see it, they are also going to want one too.

Nothing on the earth is easier to sell in our current climate, NOTHING!


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