Report on Spanish Teacher And Teacher's Assistant

Spanish Teacher And Teacher's Assistant


The teacher, who works directly under the supervision of the Director/Site Supervisor, is responsible for Carrying out a sound dynamic educational program for the parent and children. ‘Along with the Site Supervisor other staff members, the teacher shall do the following:

Plan and implement programs. Carefully designed for the ages,
needs, and personalities of the children based on formal and
informal assessment tools.

Guide and direct the child's activities and behavior 'to motivate learning and facilitate growth.

Provide an atmosphere conducive to the nurturing of each child.

Provide experiences for optimal development of abilities,
skills and interests for each child.

Collaborate professionally and consistently with other staff
members in the interest of the Center's program (maintaining
records of weekly program planning).

Understand the principles behind the selection of materials and equipment that provide for achievement within the sound. Educational program. Plan for best possible utilization of such materials and equipment in the instructional program.

Provide constant supervision of' assigned children.

Evaluate the effectiveness of teachings according to the development of individual children.

Grow professionally through books, periodicals, professional
organizations, meetings, and study. Participate constructively in staff meetings, discussions and assignments.

Develop cordial, professional relationships with parents.

Understand that the staffing needs of the Center are scheduled for the purpose of providing a smoothly-operating and effective
program for children and those teachers must be willing to change of schedules whenever the necessity arises.

Accept constructive suggestions and evaluations conducive to
professional growth. Contribute constructive and objective

Follow schedules and instructions from. Site Supervisor in the
interest in achieving the above objectives.

Teacher's Assistant Job Description

Under the supervision of the teacher and Site Supervisor/Director, the teacher’s assistant is to assist in the direct delivery of instruction to children and creating and maintaining an effective indoor and outdoor environment. The following is a brief description of the duties and responsibilities of this position."

*Assist the teacher in the planning, preparation, and implementation of the weekly lesson plan to include story telling, block play, dramatic play, music and movement and the preparation of materials specific to the curriculum activities.

*Assist in working directly with children to include: reading activities, curriculum activities, field trips, implementing open-ended activities, facilitate play in children's learning areas, etc.

*Assist in the assessment of children as observed in the classroom setting. Assist in keeping written observation of children in accordance with the DRDP, and California Preschool Learning Foundations with informal and formal assessment

*Work in close conjunction with the teacher in improving the
environment of the classroom.

*Close supervision of children both indoors and out.

*Follow through in recording attendance, meal count, and any other form used in the classroom for informational purposes.

*Maintain the upkeep of the classroom environment for the health and safety of children.

*Assist in the preparation and distribution of snack and meals.

*Assist with potty train, changing diapers, and toileting needs of children (supervision of children in the bathroom, cleaning up after children's accident, etc.).

*Assist in translation to limited English speaking parents.

*Attend conferences, workshops, and course work for your professional growth.

*Perform duties as assigned by the teacher and Site Supervisor/Director to maintain the quality of the classroom program.

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