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PrideStaff is looking to fill a full time Inbound Clerk position. This role pays $13.50/hour and is located in Southern Louisville (around S. 3rd street). Apply below or email your resume to with the subject "Inbound Clerk".

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Do you enjoy checking off tasks, keeping things organized, and working independently? Great!

We are looking for candidates like YOU to fill this newly opened, Full Time, Inbound Clerk position. The shift forMore this position will be Monday through Friday, between 9:30am - 6:30pm.

As an Inbound Clerk you'll be processing incoming shipments from all over the world. Your accuracy is the key to success in this position. Mistakes can be very costly, and accuracy gets you rewards.

There's really only two qualifications that you MUST have to be eligible for this position.

1) We want someone who is looking to stick around, so we are looking for candidates with stable work histories. If you've stayed at your last couple jobs 2+ years, that's going to hit the mark.

2) It is a requirement that you have a GOOD CREDIT HISTORY. This means no collections, delinquency, or bankruptcy in your past.

If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, put your application in and get the ball moving! We'd love to talk with you about this role.

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full time
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Not requirements
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