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Transporter - San Gabriel, CA 91776


Under the direction of Nursing Office Personnel (Nursing Director/Manager, Assistant Director of Nursing, nursing support manager or staffing coordinator) responds to and facilitates transport of patients throughout the organization. The definition of transport is described as, but not limited to, movement of patients to and from diagnostic testing/procedures, transfer of patients between floors/unit of care, transportation of remains to the morgue, and transport of goods/medical equipment throughout the organization.

This position requires frequent walking and movement of patients/objects whose weight may be in excess of 25lbs. The position requires employment of sound div mechanics and the ability to safely transfer patients to and from medical equipment. During non-transport times patient care transporters may be called upon to perform additional duty requirements entailing clerical assistance to patient care floors as assigned. Clerical assistance is defined as charting of reports into appropriate medical records, general upkeep of the physical environment, answering phones, observing patients and assisting with transfer/ambulation of patients in a given patient care unit. Additional duties may be assigned based on competency validation such as, but not limited to, assembly/take-down of skeletal traction.

  • Notifies RN/patient care team leader of patient exit/return and any changes in patient’s condition observed during transport.
  • Maintains effective communication with the healthcare team.
  • Follows established protocols for patients at high risk: such as Fall Risk, elopement risk or those at risk for suicide or unpredictable behavior.
  • Follows appropriate Code Blue notification procedures
  • Basic to advanced patient transfer techniques such as:
    • Bed to stretcher, stretcher to bed
    • Stretcher to Medical Equipment, Medical Equipment to stretcher
    • Positioning for safety in all transport modalities
  • Ambulating/turning assistance
  • Patient safety measures following applicable National Patient Safety Goals
  • Over-bed trapeze and skeletal traction set-up, take down and transport
  • Unit based skill such as filing reports to patient medical record, phone answering, call bell response, general customer relations.
  • Transporting of specimens.
  • Obtains necessary training prior to initial equipment use.
  • Assures equipment is in operating order prior to use.
  • Uses the following equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s operating instructions. Including, but not limited to:
    • Transport stretchers, patient beds, lifting devices
    • General office supply support (i.e. phones, copiers, fax machines)
    • Trapeze and skeletal traction devices
  • Other duties as assigned.
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