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With so many companies moving to remote work, it's more important than ever to start career where it is possible to do most of the work remotely.
In our challenging time, clinical research is on the front lines of the fight against threats like global pandemics.
Clinical Research saves lives. Put your degree to use.

If you do not have experience in clinical research, please take the following career training:

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You will need 6-8 weeks to complete this training. It is a self-paced on-line program with life instructor.

A Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is a professional who administers and monitors the progress of a clinical trial (pharmaceuticals, biologics, or devices) on behalf of a sponsor (Pharmaceutical Company).

A clinical trial is a scientific study of the effects, risks and benefits of a medicinal product, whether it is new drug substances and/or currently marketed drugs. A CRA might also be called a clinical research (or trials) monitor, executive, scientist or coordinator, depending on the company.

Currently, over 282,127 clinical trials are registered at
Clinical Research Professionals are in high demand. For example, career Builder site currently lists over 300 positions

If you are seriously considering a career in clinical research as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), you should know that the job requirements typically read "bachelor’s degree in Life science with formal knowledge of ICH GCP guidelines, clinical trial monitoring, knowledge and understanding of FDA and/or TPD regulations".

Another hurdle you must overcome is "practical experience". All CRA job descriptions, list "one or two years experience" as a minimum requirement." Many, otherwise qualified candidates, often find themselves in a typical Catch-22 situation: You need experience to get hired yet how do you acquire the prerequisite experience without being hired?

Upon completion of the training you will start the internship program with no additional cost.
Our internships are entirely done on-line. Your supervisor will send you project-specific tasks weekly for the period of 52 weeks. Although, you do not have to complete the entire program. Once you are ready, we will help you to get looking for jobs.
During the internship there is no need to come to the hospitals. Modern clinical research is based on secure web communication.
Our internship students assist in conduct of current clinical research projects to get extensive practical, work related experience. This experience is critical to securing one's first position in this industry.
We provide our graduates with written and phone references and assistance in getting employment.

You will work as a clinical research associate intern and gain unique experience in one of the following projects:

Efficacy of the lowering effect of XXXXX* on Blood concentrations of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol
Phase II Study the Efficacy of the healing effect of XXXXX
Phase I Study the safety and Dose determination of XXXXX for melanoma and colon cancer.

(* - XXXXX replaces the confidential information. You will get access to this information after signing a confidentiality agreement.)

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